Jan Brecke

Munich, Germany

Jan has been working in people and organisational development globally for 21 years. His focus and interest has always been on Senior Executive Development, helping top leaders to bring their leadership to perfection and shaping corporate cultures to authentic, agile and mindful behaviour. Based in Germany, Jan works in German, Japanese and English.

Worked with

Accenture, Allianz, Adidas, Bain, Bayer, Bombardier, Blackroll, Capgemini, Cassini, Citrix, Dallmayr, Dekra, Deloitte, Brau Union, Dekra, Bosch, ReedSmith, eprimo, Deutsche Bank, Forte AG, GE, Hasler Rail, Helmholtz, Hexagon SI, KUKA, Linde, Oliver Wyman, OMV, Poster XXL, ProSiebenMedia, Röchling, Sanofi, SAP, Telefonica, Testo


Jan has managed academies (GE) and HR Development functions (Beiersdorf, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Daimler) in various big corporates for 15 years, is a seasoned key note speaker and has facilitated a vast number of events in front of big audiences.  Most important corporate roles were VP for Global Development at Beiersdorf and European Learning Leader for GE managing the learning needs for 90.000 GE employees. Jan has recently published his 4rth book “Singularity Leadership: your company’s guide to surviving digitization“, coaches executives and talents in groups and individually and consults large corporates in creating their authentic and modern corporate culture.


Jan holds a dual-degree in Psychology (Master of Science) and Business Administration (BA), specialized in organizational and work psychology, and studied at Konstanz University and the Tokyo International University in Japan as well as Career Coaching at the New York University. He was trained by Eric Ries in “Lean Startup” to teach to the top management of GE, is certified in MBTI, Hogan and a certified coach through Co-Active Coaching with CTI. He is fluent in German, English and Japanese.